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For people who don't like to read long comments, here is the short version: AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COST. Plenty of dentists are around the White Plains area. Unless you want to be charged and never get the procedure done AFTER they suck out enough of your money with extra procedures.

I owe Dolores Pinto DDS a review, I don't apologize. I went to Dr. Dolores Pinto's office in White Plains this past April 2019 and the whole event lasted for more than 6 months. Here is the story I initially picked this place simply because they had a good dental reviews and it's close by my office in White Plains. I went there for a crown. I sat down, got X-Ray, and got some treatment. She suggested me to do a root canal. I went to the periodontist(for a root canal) the dentist suggested. I went back again and hope I can get a crown done this time. This time, they ASK ME TO DO ANOTHER PROCEDURE called Gingivectomy(remove some gum tissue) and said one of their doctors can do the procedures. They then immediately schedule me for that doctor without asking me. This is the point that I lost my trust in them. The result is that I went to another place and got my crown WITHOUT THE REMOVE MY GUM. I then ask for a refund, they said the procedure has already started and there cannot be any refund. They charge $500+ on my insurance and took $800 as co-pay and what they did was just taking some X-Rays, drill on my tooth and telling me the decay is so great and they cannot fix it. DR. DOLORES PINTO IS A THIEF.

Danny F.

I was so disappointed with Dr. Dolores Pinto of White Plains, I'm even contemplating a lawsuit against her in the city of White Plains and make a complaint to the Dental Board of New York, and NY Dental Association if I don't get my money back. The respond is "PLEASE STOP WITH THE THREAT" As a result, I filed the grievance through an insurance company, they agreed with my case that they didn't do the procedure and refund the insurance coverage of $500+ back to me. The $800 co-pay never came back.

Faith D.V.

Dolores Pinto, DDS is a scam artist! I am posting this review because I was charged a large sum of money for a visit that should have cost me $100 out of pocket max. Do not pay to see Dolores Pinto DDS out of pocket. Her White Plains office billing department will falsify records to insurance and will not reimburse you if they are in the wrong. She's is a BIG SCAM ARTIST! Dolores also known as Delores I. Pinto DDS on Google Maps is ruthless in her scam and has no sympathy only has eyes for money. I came to this dentist 7 months pregnant and was still financially taken advantage of. DO NOT TRUST the Billing department.

Mindy F.

THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE STAY FAR FAR AWAY. Dr. Dolores Pinto told me my daughter had cavities and she needed to get them treated.... NOTE: They were baby teeth that has yet to fall out, oh and a course I had to pay something despite have insurance. Second incident was when I had my appointment. She told me I needed cleaning and I had cavities and my out of pocket expense was close to $500.00. I just went to another Doctor who did the same exam, I had no, no cavities and my insurance covered all cost.

Dolores Pinto, DDS said my boyfriend had (4) cavities and needed cleaning. His insurance did not cover but they gave him a "discount price" of $2000... Of course we left and went to another dentist where after an exam "HE HAD NO CAVITIES AND YES HE NEEDED CLEANING" BUT WE ONLY PAID 300.00 ''THAT'S IT!''. My point is this place is money hungry. Next time you pass by a Dr. Dolores Pinto's office i White Plains take a minute to look inside and see how many people actually visit. THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE! STAY FARRRRRR... FAR AWAY!

ListKate W.

I had been a patient of Dr. Dolores Pinto for a number of years, after having one really bad experience I felt that I had to share my experience on this website. After a terrible experience with the root canal that included several replacements needed due to her error as months of discomfort, I decided I did not want to go back to Dr Dolores Pinto. When I did return, I had new insurance.

Typically she would tell you what a procedure will cost before starting. However, when I came in with new insurance they told me it was fine and neglected to tell me that my cleaning that I was about to have would cost me almost $800 with my new insurance. Then they told me the cost would have been over $2100 dollars for a deep cleaning. Had I been told this, I would have checked for a more reasonable Dentist. As a result of the previous experience and the most recent high cost of service compared to previous visits, I have decided to no longer use or recommend Dolores Pinto DDS to any friends or neighbors.

Please do yourself a favor and stay away from Dr. Dolores Pinto's office in White Plains, New York! Read all reviews posted before go there. You will be saving a lots of money otherwise your pocket will be suck on by these people. And in top of that you won't receive the proper dentist treatment. I had recently have an appointment and the minutes they started talking numbers I got up and walk away. I must said I agreed with all the people who wrote a review is all true.

Shawn N.

First of all the hours on their website are wrong. I was told when making an appointment by the office in White Plains that they are only open Mondays and Wednesdays and only 8am-4pm. So if you work this isn't the place for you. Some of the people there are nice like the one front desk lady and the dental assistants but the other front desk lady is very mean. I was upfront with my history of traumatic dentistry and still when I got upset over bad news she told me "You better stop crying because the people in the waiting room will think we did something to you" in a very nasty tone. Then she took me to a room and told me "This isn't life or death. Get over it!"

When I was trying to talk to Dolores she would talk over me and say that I wasn't listening to her and kept saying the same thing to me that it wasn't life or death. I have worked in customer service for many years in White Plains and someone should never talk to a customer like that, let alone someone who has had previous bad experiences. I could go on for days about all the things wrong with this place. But the point is I would even recommend this place to someone I didn't like. Find another dentist!

Danny F.

Today will be the 6th time after waiting over 1 month for an appointment. I received call day before appoint and told I need to reschedule my appointment because the person who does cleaning does not work on that day. Then have to wait another month or two. My biggest complaint is how they try to up sell dental work. I had my 2nd exam in a one year time frame and was told I need thousands of dollars of work. They have set up real nice were they have a person come and have you work out a payment plan.

All I wanted was a cleaning and was told they cannot do regular cleaning but they had to do a $450 deep cleaning. My teeth did not deteriorate the way they claim over one year. Time to find a new dentist for me and my family in White Plains as I don't want to be scammed any longer by Dr. Dolores Pinto.

Jess M.

This place is a little sketchy. Dr. Dolores Pinto was way too pushy and kept trying to convince me to get Invisalign for $2000 even though my other dentist said it wasn't super necessary, it would just be a minor cosmetic thing if I wanted it. Dr. Pinto kept saying I really needed it and kept trying to push me to get it. On top of it all, she was a little condescending and shamed me for not flossing enough, which was just unnecessary. I'm aware I don't floss enough--most people don't. Don't shame your patients. she also convinced me to get an expensive "irrigation" procedure for $100 which, upon researching I realized is basically mouthwash I could have purchased for $20 over the counter. I feel like they are just trying to suck people's money. I didn't have a great feeling about how they try to push you to buy things. (Also the appointment was way too long--over two hours for just a standard cleaning. should never be longer than 45 minutes).

ListKate F.

DON'T WAIST YOUR TIME SEEING DOLORES PINTO DDS My husband and I have gone to Dr. Dolores Pinto twice for cleanings. I noticed stains on my teeth after the 1st and 2nd cleaning done on April 2018 and husband was advised to come back for cavity fillings and a crown.

He went back April 2, 2019 for cavity fillings and crowns. After that he began to have pain in his teeth. Finally he went back in June 2019 for the 2nd time after Dr Dolores Pinto said his crown may need re-cementing. We found out that she didn't do it correctly according to my Mother's dentist and it's why my husband was in so much pain.

Before seeing another Dentist, he was told to come back a 3rd time to remove the filling and re-do it. So he goes back and she takes the filling out and tells him she cannot re-do it as he needs a root canal and crown. He is sent back without a filling and in even more pain now! He is in pain everyday and loading up on painkillers so he can get through the day at work.

I fell for the high rating this office had on yelp. United Healthcare insurance also stated that we paid for upgraded fillings and crown but we were never told this was an upgrade.

ListKate O

Please don't waste your time, they don't respect their patients right. Remember patients have the right to ask questions and receive answers on recommended treatment, we have the right to decline treatments, and we have the right to our privacy!

My second appointment here was the worst dentist appointment I've ever experienced. Firstly, I feel violated, lied to and taken advantage of. My first time here was for an emergency crown visit since I wanted to use my other dental insurance that they took here. Last year, my other dentist in White Plains CLEARLY broke down the pricing, payment plans, and materials recommended for a procedure. So I expected that treatment when I decided to switch to Dr. Dolores Pinto as my primary dentist office. NEVER AGAIN. They took x-rays and the photos of my teeth, the dental assistant Liz is always kind and gentle too. But when it came around to the treatments they were trying to offer me, I was lied to and robbed of so many rights. She spoke way too quickly about absurd prices and even after asking for clarification, she continued to speak fast and not answer my questions. She PUSHED me into trying to get the credit card. I expressed several times I don't want it, and I would rather pay cash if my insurance wasn't going to cover it. My primary insurance through PACE University is amazing and at other places I never pay more than $50. I'm aware I have a few filings and was expecting a price around a couple hundred, but never would I have imagined it would be $2,000. OK, I can respect their prices.

But when she asked me to confirm my social I never would have thought it was for her to submit the application for the credit card for me. I did not give her permission to run my credit, I'm 21, a student, and don't want a credit card and regardless of my reasons, it should be respected because it's my decision. I got anxious with how our conversation went when she walked away and I got to her front desk for her to tell me that she ALREADY RAN MY CREDIT. Without my permission. I left upset, and after inquiring with my attorney, he advised me of how what she did was in fact illegal.

I called and left a message later that day, expecting a call back on Monday, which I didn't. I called again and spoke with Dr. Pinto told me her back office fix the problem. I never got a call back from her, when I called again I was hung up on.

I bet after I post this they'll actually reach out to me, but I already made up my decision on not returning and I reported this to the credit card company they signed me up for without my full consent.

Jess K.
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