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{spin Are you looking for:Are you searching for:Looking for:Trying to find:Do you need:Do you want} an {spin Interactive:Entertaining:Engaging} [tag] for your Church in [city]?

{spin At:Here at} Mission Display, {spin we have:we've got} the {spin means:sources:strategy} and {spin technology:technologies:engineering:solutions:innovation:software} {spin to collect:to gather:to accumulate}, curate, and {spin manage:handle:control:maintain} {spin all aspects:every aspect:all facets:each and every aspect} of your church {spin activities:functions:events} and {spin celebrations:events:occasions:receptions} {spin such as a:like a:for example a:perhaps a} wedding or birth {spin in minutes:within a few minutes:within minutes:in no time} {spin right from:from:straight from} our office {spin directly:right:instantly:promptly:quickly} to your digital display board {spin for every one:for everybody:for anyone} {spin to see:to check out}. {spin Let us:Allow us to} {spin manage:take care of:regulate:handle} your church {spin events:functions} {spin in:within} [city] {spin today:right now} by {spin calling:phoning:contacting:getting in touch with} Digital Mission Display

With your {spin brand new:completely new:brand-new:cutting edge} digital display board, your {spin members can:members are able to} {spin connect to:connect with:hook up with:get connected to} other {spin nearby:regional:neighborhood:local community:local} {spin churches:congregations} {spin and other:along with:as well as other:and also other} {spin members:people} {spin in the:within the:from the} [city] area {spin with ease:without difficulty:in no time:effortlessly}. {spin For more information:To learn more:To find out more:For more info:For additional information} {spin about:regarding} our interactive display board {spin in:within} [city], {spin just:simply:just simply} {spin call:phone:telephone} {spin 1-734-330-0570:734.330.0570:(734) 330-0570:734 330 0570} today for {spin pricing:prices:rates} .

{spin Update:Up-date:Upgrade:Replace:Enhance} your [city] Mission Wall Listings {spin Quickly:Easily:Immediately:Promptly}! {spin With:By using:Utilizing:Having} Mission Display software, your Church can {spin interact with:communicate with:connect with:connect to} {spin visitors:guests} and {spin members:people} interactively with a {spin single:one:simple} touch. {spin You can:Simply:Start to} {spin post:publish} videos, {spin photographs:pictures:pics}, Church {spin events:activities:functions:gatherings}, {spin upcoming:future} {spin trips:excursions:vacations}, {spin social media:social networking} {spin postings:posts:listings}, {spin and much more:and even more:plus much more}. Let your digital display board {spin be a:become a:turn into a} {spin great place:excellent place:great spot:excellent spot} {spin where people:where individuals:where members} can {spin learn more about:find out more about:read more about:know more about} your [city] church {spin events:activities:functions:gatherings}.

[tag] {spin Features:Functions:Options:Benefits:Includes:Qualities}

  • Color-Coded Missionary Categories
  • {spin Send:Send out:Submit:Forward} Email Any Missionary
  • {spin Access:Reach:Check out:Log on to} Each Missionary Website
  • {spin Embed:Add:Upload} Videos From YouTube, Vimeo, or Hard Drive
  • {spin Embed:Insert} Missions Letters
  • {spin Embed:Upload} Up To 6 Images
  • Embed Prayer Card
  • {spin List:Post:Register:Set} Dates of Wedding & Birth
  • {spin Edit:Modify:Change:Alter:Update} Graphics Backgrounds {spin and:as well as ,:and / or} Titles

For {spin only:just:simply} $39 {spin a month:per month}, {spin you can:you are able to:you could} {spin hire:retain} us {spin to maintain your:to help keep your} [city] [tag] {spin postings:posts:content} with {spin fresh:new} {spin content:information:written content:material}.

  • We {spin create a:produce a:build a:generate a} special form {spin to send:to transmit:to deliver:to send out} to your supported [city] {spin churches:missionaries}.
  • We {spin convert:transform:change:transfer} missionary emails, letters, .docx or, .doc files to PDF format and {spin upload:add} to your church display board.
  • {spin Your Church:Your [city] Missionary} will {spin receive:get} {spin a monthly:a regular monthly} reminder from us that any new images, video, or text {spin content:information} {spin that they have:they have} {spin should be:needs to be} submitted.
  • {spin Your [city] Church:Your [city] Missionary} will receive a quarterly email from Digital Missions Display {spin after:following:right after} installation visits. {spin We will:We'll:We can} add video, images, and other {spin material:content:materials} {spin pertaining to:related to} how “The Voice For Missionaries” is working for them to get their message {spin heard:read:seen:noticed} in [city].
  • Your church {spin receives:gets} an update from Digital Missions Display {spin informing:reminding} you of where {spin we have been:we've been} in the [city] area and where {spin we are :we're} {spin headed:going:heading} {spin by the:by} end of the year.

Installation & Training

We {spin come to you:come your way} and {spin install:set up:put in} this {spin incredible:amazing:outstanding} display {spin to help:to assist} your members and {spin guests:visitors} understand, {spin communicate:connect}, and {spin observe:notice} what other {spin churches:congregations:chapels} {spin are doing:are performing:are up to} {spin in the:within the} [city] area.

We {spin will come:can come} and {spin install:set up} the system at your [city] church, {spin train:teach:educate} {spin your staff:your workers:your employees} to use {spin the software:the program:the application:the software program}, and answer {spin any questions:any inquiries} {spin you may have:you might have}.

The [tag] {spin is a great:is a superb:is a good:is an excellent:is a wonderful} {spin investment:purchase:investment decision} to have us do your {spin install:set up} {spin too:as well} {spin in:within} [city]!