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We use modern touchscreen technology to bring your missionary letters, images, video and more in front of the membership and visitors alike


We have the means and technology to gather, curate, and handle each and every aspect of your missionary data right from our home office.

We Handle Everything

From product order to install to training, we transform your missions program into a fully interactive and engaging experience!

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Are You Building A Missionary Wall? Let Us Help With The Design!

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Dr. Doug Stauffer and Pastor Andrew Ray have teamed up to write several books together over the year

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Let us manage your missionary data remotely! We have the means and technology to collect, curate, and manage all aspects of the Digital Mission Display from our home office in Chelsea, Michigan.

Here is how it works:

  • We create a special form to send to your supported missionaries.
  • We connect your missionary form submissions to a Google Sheets database which automatically populates the spreadsheet with their data to document the delivery and for accountability.
  • We log in to your Digital Mission Display and update mission data by hand to minimize mistakes.
  • We will convert missionary emails, letters, .docx or, .doc files to PDF format and upload to your churches Digital Missions Display.

Missionaries will receive a monthly reminder from us that any new images, video, or text content that they have should be submitted.

Missionaries will receive a quarterly email from Digital Missions Display after installation visits. We will include in the email video, images, and verbiage pertaining to how “The Voice For Missionaries” is working for them to get their message heard.

Your church will receive an update from Digital Missions Display informing you of what churches we have been at installing the Digital Missions Display where we may be going throughout the year.

Cost for maintaining the data in the Digital Missions Display varies.

Pricing begins at $300 quarterly but we encourage churches to come up with their own love-offering so that we can do more for missionaries.

We are specialists in installing touch screen tv’s and pedestal kiosk units

  • TV Mounting Brackets
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Wireless Internet

Let us help bring your missionary board to life with a professional digital missionary board install gone are the days of long walls of paper missionary displays

Enhance your visitor and member experience, let them interact with the missionaries in the field all of your missionaries in one compact place


Mission Display Hardware Install and Software Training on-site, at your church or organization! ( software not included )

We come to you and install this incredible mission display to help your members and guests understand, communicate, and observe what your missionaries are up to.

The only requirements are nearby electric outlet with two plugs and internet access.

Individual products make up the mission display and include: eMin Resources Software, Mini Computer, TV & Touchscreen overlay, or touchscreen monitor, sold separately. ( travel and lodging not included in installation price )

If your church requires internet installation, electrical contracting, or any other service, please use our contact form or call today, 1 (734) 330-0570.

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